Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Reflections

So, Christmas was pretty great
minus the few times I was subject to the horrors
of Christmas music,
yes, I hate it, call me a scrooge
whatevz, Christmas is about way more than 
cheesy songs about sexing up Santa, his lane
and the like
the only Christmas song I enjoy is Last Christmas
preferably the Ashley Tisdale version, 
that is truly all
I could listen to her sing it all year round
I'll quickly sum up my Christmas:
Tofurky [God's greatest creation]
Colombian songs to Baby Jesus
mountains of tulle
lots of lace
velvet ruffled heels
floral print 
grandma earrings
& Saraswati: my Hindu goddess
she's just so fabulous
and she guides me in my educational ventures 
I got a hand carved pendant of her
with various arms, instruments 
and long flowing mermaid hair
she is naked
with large breasts,
looking like a sexy porn star:
that's my kind of goddess
she looks hardly like the demure & reserved goddess here
she is a bombshell, but nonetheless very amazing and helpful 
she likes candy offerings very much
so I keep her satisfied with lots of Tootsie Roll Pops & other goodies
anyhow, I thank Religion 152-01
Religions of Asia, for introducing me to her glory
I also thank Forever 21
for being so good to me this Christmas. 

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