Monday, November 8, 2010

Stuck in Postmodernity.

Ok, so I'm fed up
I'm fed up with literally not having the minutes in the day to blog
I'm fed up with having to plan out every single hour of my day
today's agenda?
4-6pmSociology paper about brands and postmodernity
6-9pm library time & psychology study guide
9-10pm pilates (a possibly futile attempt at relaxation)
10-11pm more soc
11-1am more psych studying
there isn't even time for dinner in that mess
maybe I'll have cornflakes in a cup
cups of cereal, I've just discovered,
are ten times better than bowls of cereal
speaking of cereal,
and other sources of happiness...such as consumerism
I know it's bad
I'm writing a paper about how postmodern and amoral brands are
but I just cannot help but love the best brand of them all:
when I was home, I trekked all the way to the brand mecca:
Times Square
to visit the 4 story abyss (Forever 21)
and the enormous happy-making factory (Coldstone)
I didn't just like it, or love it,
I got an Ours
for the "coolness impaired"
(thats what Coldstone calls those who don't get their sizing)
thats a whole quart....
of birthday cake remix love
and yes...I took pictures with my Coldstone shopping bag
on Times Square and in the Subway
yes, I was that elated
although I may have looked like a loopy ecstatic tourist,
should I have cared?
tourists are naive and happy
(which might be the perfect state of existence)
should I care that Coldstone fills my postmodern void?
apparently taking the place of relationships, morals and piety
(as the good ol' sociologist Lyotard taught me?)
I stashed my leftover ice cream behind a pile of frozen peaches
to elude any predators (ie. my brother)
and ate it over a few days while I watched Everybody Loves Raymond
ahh how postmodern: vicariously living through sitcoms,
and eating a branded, romanticized commodity
obviously, I've become delusional
unable to separate social theory readings and reality
either which way, that was the life,
now alls I have are 6 stale ice cream sandwiches
I stole from the dining hall
and a few more pages of my paper to write.

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