Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School (sans blues)

Back at Vassar
I started my day out with donuts, blueberry, tres leches, square jelly
I should have figured today was going to be great
any day that starts out with a right-angled pastry
is guaranteed to be epic
I've discovered a guy who has a pet peacock named Kevin
another girl who is thinking of joining a circus troupe after graduation
another girl who had a bag full of fresh organic tomatoes,
right from her garden
and I had a whole, juicy, yellow tomato as a late night snack
I've got my subway map hanging above my desk
my last meal was pad thai with mock duck
I just dropped nearly 400 bucks on books
it smells like summer: fresh cut grass
my bed is two and a half feet above the ground,
I feel like a queen
I'm not gonna lie,
it feels good to be back.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Countdown: (Chinatown Gems)

5 days
I'm even starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling
about Chinatown when I think about PK
or maybe I'm getting that feeling because I discovered
some great food spotsI've been ignoring for all these years
Lucky King Bakery, and Quickly, both on Grand Street
I'm sure its no secret that I'm a slave to pastries
I'm especially weak for cutesy anything,
mostly cupcakes with hot pink frosting
and anything covered in glitter
Lucky King Bakery gave me all that, think mini sponge cakes
encrusted with rainbow sprinkles and decorated like adorable mice
or pink and seafoam layer sponge cakes topped
with a sexy strawberry and white chocolate twirls
I'm not gonna lie, I was never the type of little girl
that would set up her stuffed animals, around a table
and pretend to have tea
but with these mini-delights I might,
yes at the old age of 19, start doing that
I could see it now,
me, my ducky, my hippo, my pink poodle, and my pony
enjoying these Technicolor treats, it would be magical
when I was younger I remember taking the F train to East Broadway
and without fail my mom would stop at a Chinese bakery and
buy me a delicate, fluffy sponge cake
after all these years, they are still my favorite
perfect simplicity
have I mentioned that all these inventively adorable pastries are under $1.50 each?
the pink white chocolate strawberry treat is only 80 cents
some girls love handbags, I love bargains....and cake

Quickly, on the other hand, not only delivers
exotic and delicious bubble teas, and slushes
but also happens to be one of the best places to experience Shabu Shabu
What is Shabu Shabu? That's exactly what I wondered
when my boyfriend suggest we go after watching some Cooking Channel show
on the Japanese food craze
its basically a cook-your-own-food bonanza
all the tables are set up with heating devices and you get a pot with water
inserted into your table, as well as a tower of different raw vegetables, noodles (and meats)
the water boils and you drop in your assortment
as well as any seasonings and condiments, like garlic, chives, and soy sauce
to make your own broth, and veggie combinations
its DIY dinner, and its super fun
I, being a novice, made quite the mess
there were noodles, and hot water spread all over the table
not to mention that I was eating my noodles with a ladle,
instead of chopsticks, what a Westerner
it beats the stir-fry station at school by a million.

I'll miss you Chinatown
you're the only place where a naked little girl
can sell "ice crean" and get away with it.

She's my hero.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Countdown: (Hope & Jim Joe, Snapshots of Home)

7 days until Vassar
I managed to pack only 20-something pairs of shoes
I call that skills, and restraint
besides missing all the shoes I'm leaving behind,
I'm going to miss Jim Joe, his wisdom
and his knack for always having the perfect message for me
wherever I go, he's like that best friend that gives the greatest advice,
he always reminds me to keep on truckin',
even on the most unbearable days
Beau also keeps me smilin',
I always have my camera
just in case one of my favorite men pay me a visit

Inspirational messages might be at their best in Willyb

At Vassar I get all of my hope and inspiration from
the ladies at the Deec (my surrogate moms)
or whoever is making omelets,
I can't complain, I miss those egg white dreams.

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