Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School (sans blues)

Back at Vassar
I started my day out with donuts, blueberry, tres leches, square jelly
I should have figured today was going to be great
any day that starts out with a right-angled pastry
is guaranteed to be epic
I've discovered a guy who has a pet peacock named Kevin
another girl who is thinking of joining a circus troupe after graduation
another girl who had a bag full of fresh organic tomatoes,
right from her garden
and I had a whole, juicy, yellow tomato as a late night snack
I've got my subway map hanging above my desk
my last meal was pad thai with mock duck
I just dropped nearly 400 bucks on books
it smells like summer: fresh cut grass
my bed is two and a half feet above the ground,
I feel like a queen
I'm not gonna lie,
it feels good to be back.

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