Sunday, September 12, 2010

23 minutes.

I'll address the obvious: it has been a while
but if you calculate all of the hours in the week I spend
attempting to learn everything about Islam,
dreaming of Marx,
trying to figure out the exact difference between a Baptist and a Methodist,
contemplating my life's goal
(to be an elementary school teacher and then a lady baker)
and waiting on line for my egg white omelet twice a day
(complete with tomatoes, onions, and American cheese)
I have approximately
23 minutes of spare time
and now that 23 minutes belongs to Sleeping Venus
I also promise more posts, because I miss my roommate
she'll be Tanzania bound in a few weeks
and while she worries about covering up her bodacious body
as to not start any riots, getting malaria, and finding herself
I'll be across the ocean
and my biggest problem is probably trying to figure out
which religion is right for me (it's really been a problem),
and how I'm going to manage to get on the packed shuttle to the mall
every Saturday
thus, I have remind her that life has its menial ups and downs
my favorite up: learning that Oreos and soy milk
are the absolute best study snack
Fun fact: Oreos float
Chips Ahoy may sink to the bottom of your cup
to become a delightful mushy mess,
but Oreos just chill
and wait for you to finish up that last sentence of your essay
so you could enjoy 'em
I need some Oreos right about now
I just had to breakout the graphing calculator for my psych assignment,
you know the Texas Instruments TI-83
that most of us attending liberal arts colleges
haven't touched in a hot minute
mine is covered in Hello Kitty and My Little Pony stickers,
it makes me wish I was still 15.

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