Monday, September 20, 2010

Tastes of Home

I'm craving maduros
and if anyone doesn't know
maduros are the life source of any Latino household
they are what people secretly love, more than rice and beans
more than Adobo, Sazon, and cans upon cans of Goya beans and salchichas

If any of these things are foreign to you, please go to the closest
Latin restaurant and enlighten yourself
what makes me sad is that,
when I google 'maduros', I get a lot of porn....
if anyone walks by me in the library and happens to look at my computer
they are going to think I'm being dirty while reading my
extremely boring book entitled Higher Education and the Color Line
I love eggs, but I feel so oppressed when I desperately wait
for there to be omelets all day so I could finally have a meal
I'm going to drag myself to Stop & Shop
to buy some platanos and canola oil, and get to frying up maduros in the kitchen
just like my momma would do,
maybe I'll even play some salsa
and wear a tiny nightgown
so I could be just like her.

In other news, the wonderful freshman baker just brought me a blondie,
with M&Ms in it, right to my desk at the library

1 comment:

  1. I miss the days of coming over to ur house and ur mother being in her nighties and cooking in the kitchen


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