Sunday, December 13, 2009


I buried my heart in Tompkin's Square,
really I did,
I found a twig by the dog run 
and made a hole to put it in
I put in some Belgian fries, a Metrocard and a pistachio ice cream cone so it wouldn't get lonely while i was away at college
there is this one squirrel that has lived in Tompkin's for years, she's a redhead 
so I named her Lindsay

This is my perpetual nostalgia acting up again
which always seems to happen when I should be doing something important
like figuring out how to be in the Tao & outlining Confucius' beliefs
but who cares about Confucius
when you're just 5 days away from going home
from escaping this snow/hail/rain [in that order]
and finals, and rotting in the library
I hate Poughkeepsie,
I figured my heart would too
that's why I left it behind to mingle with the pigeons
and smell the scents of great New York pizza
and maybe have a conversation with a few knowledgable bums
When I get back, it'll have all these great stories to tell me
while all I'm going to have to say is that the Forever 21 here is really small
and that the squirrels are really incarnations of 
English majors that could'nt find careers-
that's going to be me
maybe then I could be a bum in Tompkin's Square
watching the kids on the tire swings
and eating Belgian fries with the best barbecue sauce in the world.


  1. Ok we get it
    You hate Poughkeepsie
    But we both know that was never the draw to Vassar
    The great thing about this place IS the people
    Maybe you should try a little harder to get to know them before you dismiss Vassar as being solely bad weather, bad food, and squirrels


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