Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broken Heel, Broken Heart

Right now I feel,
utterly betrayed
Today on this cold ill-fated December day I decided
to wear my lucky underwear
well, basically they decided to wear me
seeing as they were peeking out of the drawer
bright blue,
with a hot pink gun
the  typical lucky underwear
they gave me hope
I mean, I did have my Native American Studies final today, and it went well
and I got a jelly donut 
I nommed that oozing shining blob inside during my test
I was happy as a plum
seeing as tomorrow I leave the 
dreary PK for home
I get to leave behind my biggest problems
art history flashcards, the dining hall running out of Fro Yo,
reserving the TV to watch CSI NY
etc, typical everyday problems that everyone has
but I guess my lucky underwear ran out of fuel today
because as I was sadly leaving the dining hall
sans brownie a la mode (no fro yo, sadness)
and then it happened:
I fell down the stairs...
not just any fall 
I slipped down each one, and at the bottom
I snapped the heel of my favorite boots off
they were beauties, 
by that I mean suede vintage booties
why do I buy vintage
if it just falls apart?
what a conundrum
so I walked to work
in socks, which conveniently had a hole
the sidewalk was littered with rocks and glass
I scraped my toe
at work about 10 minutes later
I smashed 3 of my fingers with heavy books
and twisted my ankle
the last spurt of luck obviously 
was wasted on that jelly donut, and I'm not quite sure it was worth it
So I'm going to read Precious
and cry my life away
until the 5:40 train tomorrow, because
in the city everything is lucky
and even a bad day is better than the best day in Poughkeepsie.

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