Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the big PK

So here I am, in Poughkeepsie: the least glamorous place on earth  

faded floral couch
and lukewarm hot chocolate
trying to study

swamped with work and school
would rather watch The Office
that's what I should do

come save me from Poughkeepsie
and take me back home

I'm in a cheesy poetic mood I guess, except staring at this swarm of Renaissance art work has got me down. All the lamenting and crucifying is just not pleasant when the weather is so cold and when your hot chocolate has just finished and all you got is the grainy too-sweet syrup at the bottom of the cup. 

At least studying is better than being sick, two days ago I had an epiphany: Dayquil just might be the worst tasting substance on earth. I don't know how kids do it, liquid medicine is just so painful, so utterly vile. Give me grape chewables anyday.

The pain of my existence ^.

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