Friday, December 11, 2009

Lolita Covers

So Lolita might be the most epic book ever written, maybe I'm biased because I've written about 4 essays on it. 

There's just something about Nabokov
and the way he writes, just like a fairy tale
that gets me every time

What can I say
I have Humbert's venereal appetite
for beautiful imagery
and Lolita's young fervor for
technicolor dresses, 
and soda pop.

I wish my cover of Lolita looked like this, 
I bet she's eating strawberry icecream.
I  bet the only thing I can think about is literature because of my perpetual relationship with the library.

I'm going to escape
these rows of dusty books in a week
and after a long train ride, 
past the dreary Hudson Valley
I'll be back home in the city. 

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