Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday Cake Remix [The Song of my Heart]

When I sit alone at Vassar
with only the solace of a sometimes working fro-yo machine
that emits "fro yo" that just tastes like bad vanilla soft serve
not the tart tangy goodness that I'm used to
the kind that goes with chopped bananas and strawberries
and kiwis and pineapple 
[its sad when you're at college and the one thing you crave is fruit]
because all the dining hall has is
half sweet oranges, not quite ripe bananas, and apples :/
so my heart yearns for Cold Stone
the creamy, yummy, almost sexy goodness of 
those ice  cream confections
and when I think about the combination
of cake batter ice cream, brownies and sprinkles
my heart sings a ballad
a lamenting melody
because, what can be worse than impostor fro yo?
absolutely nothing... except not having Cold Stone...or fresh fruit
so basically, when I got Cold Stone
and ordered that Gotta Have It! Birthday Cake Remix
my heart no longer sang its sad ballad
but it began to bump
some electro beats
and I filled that empty Cold Stone 
on that cold winter day
with music, loud music, and smiles
and now, as I watch Iron Chef from 5 years ago
I'm craving ice cream
for it is my one, true love.

P.S. I hate college food, I'll never go back.

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