Friday, December 11, 2009

A Delicious Epiphany

I wish that this picture were larger, 
and maybe gold plated, 
or at least have shiny silver pages and 
lettering like my copy does
because basically: this is my bible.
yes I said it, my bible.
I discovered its magic one lonely day working at a sad boutique
a typical day at a boutique: you know, no customers to buy a 94 dollar sweater for a new born,  no fun, internet browsing, watching episodes of 48 Hours Mystery
that fateful day I stumbled upon the Zagat Survey
it was laying behind some pink post-its and 
dried out highlighters
and it changed my life,
really it did
I'm upset those office supplies hid its
greatness from me for so long
and now I am a true food aficionado. 

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