Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skinned Knees & the 90s [The Noms]

Once upon a time there were two princesses 
who were beasts for corn, Monica & Alyssa :]
and they went to galavant through Soho
and spend all their money
the snow was piled high and the slush was dangerous
Alyssa slipped and slid through Chinatown eating a sponge cake 
[one of gods greatest creations]
as Monica browsed in Old Navy,
they were both ready for an adventure
anyways, forget the fairy tale
Chinatown may be the worst place to be when there is a foot of snow and 
ten tons of ugly gray slush all over the place
and there is no way the city could look uglier than it does now
slush is just so depressing even when you're eating a delectable light fluffy cake
but all the slipping and sliding was worth Monica and the corn
so after gossiping & lamenting in Steven Madden 
we set out to Cafe Habana on Prince Street, the place where dreams come true
Zagat calls it a "groovy" Nolita "hole-in the wall"
man do I love the Zagat
so squeezed in to the Habana outpost, where the line extended to the cold outside the door
me & Monica got grilled corn on skewers, prepared classically Mexican 
with tons of crumbly cheese and chili powder
and bubbly, pink guava soda
real authentic, out of a glass bottle
just a squeeze of lime, and the corn was ready to be nommed
it was delicious
and all the chili powder made my lips burn
and sorta swell, but its worth it 
worth all the cheese crumbles that littered my lap
the tranny lips and smudged lipstick
boy do me & Monica love corn
but what do me & Monica love possibly more than corn you ask?
the 90s
and they are truly making a comeback
but I'm not quite sure I'm prepared for that
I mean, I'm not even twenty yet
my childhood wasn't that long ago for it to be trendy yet
but apparently Forever 21 thinks it should be
so while I was browsing in Urban Outfitters, elsewhere there was a 90s explosion
I mean, I don't even know what I prefer,
the ugly tweeds in Urban
could anything make you look fatter than tweed?
or the Crayola colored cropped fur jackets
circa the late 90s, think Britney & Christina at the Grammys
I saw a particularly revolting purple one
and I can't forget the butterfly tops and the dresses with cutouts
if I saw anyone in these, I would simply die

I love nostalgia and all
but that is just taking it to another level
next thing you know, 
platform sneakers are going to be in again.

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