Saturday, December 12, 2009


Madeline might be just about the cutest thing, or maybe Madeline & Maisy Mouse
I guess I'm probably thinking about the cartoon characters of my youth
because I feel like I'm getting old
you know, 18 is pretty old
especially when Crayola keeps coming out with these new hi tech gadgets to make
coloring way more complicated
It's like look kids! put down your old school crayons for these light up markers
 that glow in the dark, no real color needed
or waterless paintless paintbrushes
What ever happened to the old days? 
You know, getting a new coloring book from the dollar store 
and a small box of crayons, my black one was always so worn down
and outlining each shape and coloring it very softly inside [for girls]
or scribbling around all out of the lines [for boys]
who needs a light up paintbrush?
or dolls that you can connect to the internet
or zhu zhu pets....what are those anyways?
I guess maybe I'm just old fashioned, maybe its my grandma earrings that are getting to me
but i think its weird that my computer can read back my essays to me 
Nowadays they make paintless finger paints made out of clear gels
listen Crayola, lets get back to basics:
a 16ct box of crayons, 96 if you're feeling spicy
and a simple coloring book
pictures of ponies and dinosaurs
and color by number
connect the dots
maybe some coloring on the walls (like normal kids should do at least once in their lives)
and Barbies, no Bratz, or grown up wifi Dora
just give me my Betty Spaghetty & Polly Pocket
oh, sweet nostalgia.

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