Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skinned Knees & the 90s: Part Deux [The Spill]

So, picking up from the nauseating
but still slightly beautiful resurgence of the 90s 
me & Monica continued shopping, 
braving the ugly filth covering the crowded sidewalks in Soho
to go to H&M, where the sale racks were beautiful and the tight spandex shirt that Monica got 
was even better
so good that Monica continued to proclaim that the slush will be the downfall of her 
reassuring herself with statements like "well at least if i fall I have another skirt to put on"
me & Monica slipped down each curb, looking for each clear patch 
and then Monica met her predicted fate
taking a beautiful hot mess spill
 in a street on Broadway
her bad luck could not even wait until she got to a sidewalk, nope she was going down, right there, in a pile of sludge
thank god it was a red light
because I cannot afford to lose my best friend
so close to Christmas
before we even got to cook and make margaritas
plus, she bakes the best Christmas cookies,
and I have yet to had any, so she could not leave me just yet
so she fell, everything happened so fast
next thing I know she's on the ground, still looking cute in a purple spandex skirt, gray suede slouchy boots, lacey tights, and knee highs 
[props on the cuteness Monica]
the slush splashed, covering her coat, all her shopping bags, boots and hands
it was a pretty tragedy
but Monica recovered quite glamorously
she wiped away the blood on her knees 
as the blood formed the pattern of her lace tights
yes, my best friend bleeds fashionably
that's the way it should be done
so like a diva, Monica changed into a new skirt and boots, in an Au Bon Pain
inciting a riot of sorts on the waiting line
yes, Au Bon Pain became our personal emergency room
and as Monica's knee bled and all her bags were ruined,
she looked up at me and said
"I just feel so glamorous right now"
and that is why she is my best friend.

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