Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Fantasy [Noms Edition]

Pad Thai might be the food of the gods
I don't know if that would make Thailand heaven
but they sure do have elephants there
so it might as well be heaven
and if Thailand was heaven 
then God? would ride a golden elephant 
and have an entourage of leopards
as he sits holding a large pot of pad thai
I would hope he eats it with his hands
when you're God chopsticks must be overrated
I'd love to be his right hand lime girl
I'd squeeze ample lime juice in his noodles to
you know
amp up the flavor
then maybe he'd offer me some
and I'd sit in heaven surrounded by bean sprouts, 
noodles, peanuts, and little bits of tofu
I'd wear a dress made out of lime rinds
and I'd smell like spring...
or just lots of limes

That is the fantasy I have every time I go to a Thai restaurant
as I sit drinking my cup of water (I'm too cheap to buy a soda)
maybe dipping some supple little dumplings into soy sauce
making sure to eat all the pieces of chives left at the bottom of the sauce
waiting for spring rolls
pockets of joy
and when the Pad Thai arrives
I'm on that elephant with God
in that lime rind dress
even though green is not my color.

[dedicated to Aiden who can come to Thai heaven too, except in a lemon rind loincloth]

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