Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Ode

It all started one day
in a small playground on the Lower East Side
outside of a cluster of projects
the typical metal structure,
red, yellow, blue construction of fun
Who knows why but I must have been 4 
and I was alone
roaming across the black matted ground 
playing by myself on the monkey bars
slipping down the short, cold metal slide
probably in some seriously 90s
 floral print leggings-cute babydoll dress combo with too short bangs and a bob
I swear I was Matilda reincarnated
minus the magical powers and all 
but who needs magical powers 
when you're a kid in the 90s
anyhow, I was roaming around that
sad little playground when!
     my young eye caught sight of a
    lone red gummy bear
   I swear it glistened on the black rubber ground
  and it whispered "eat me"
  I knew what was good for me, and that I should'nt 
  eat off the floor
 for various reasons (crack, HPV)
 but I had too, it was calling my name
I peered up to the sixth floor gated window
no sight of my mom
I walked over
my Payless sneakers lighting up
preparing me for the magical taste
and then I just picked it up and ate it
and that day has been by far one of the biggest impacts on my life
Do I still eat candy off the floor you ask?
anytime, anyplace
but I've moved on to Swedish Fish
I swear I can smell them from across a room
and anyways, Gummi Bears have gelatin
and I'm a vegetarian
those days are over, but the thought of floral print leggings still entices me.

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