Friday, December 11, 2009

Strawberry Snow

I'm in the library, looking out the window
procrastinating on revising a creative piece for my English class about deception & lies
you know what's deceptive?
the snow.
It's probably about 20 degrees outside, 
just frigid: 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks cold
perfect weather for thigh high leg warmers
but not the perfect weather for ice cream
so the snow sits there and doesn't melt all day, even when the sun shines on it,
but I bet if I had an ice cream cone and held it outside 
it would melt all over my gloves 
so the snow is fooling us all. 
i wish it would just go away.
so i can have a strawberry ice cream cone, 
after all, strawberry is the cutest flavor you could eat. 

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