Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard with Jane

So last night I watched Monster In Law
for maybe the 5th time
and I have to admit, 
right here,
that it is one of my favorite movies ever
yes it is true
I must be a sucker for Jennifer Lopez
romantic comedies
and for the fabulosity of Jane Fonda 
I could not get over what a diva she was
and I have concluded that when I am old
I want to be just like her
white suits
big crazy super chic hats with bows and flowers
red lipstick
and an attitude
I mean, now I have something to look forward to
as all these years go by
it was the perfect way to end my night
Thai food, trudging through a blizzard just to go shopping
because, of course, it could not be done any other day
and my reunion with Forever 21 and Avenue A
at the end of the movie
as J Lo & Jane Fonda made amends
[Jane Fonda looked like a wise, glamourous goddess] <3
and my Christmas tree lights flashed
I burst out into sobs
not your typical pretty tear falling down the cheek
streaking the bronzer at the emotional climax of the movie
nope, not that at all
I sobbed, a full on cry
how pathetic
just plain sad
me, with my fleece robot blanket, and too many tears
I still can't tell whether it was because I love the movie that much
or because I was feeling emotional 
about the blizzard
and the foot of snow that the city was blessed with
that would keep me inside and make figuring out what to wear
that much harder
for I refuse to wear/own snow boots
they are just not cute, 
so no thanks

anyways, I give last night 
4 stars
one for my new idol Jane Fonda
one for my amazing new thigh high socks
one for great food (Thai, cupcakes)
and the last for surviving the storm

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