Monday, December 14, 2009

Tip of the Day # 2 [The Cure All]

There is only one thing that I believe contains magical, unsurmountable power:
Vicks VapoRub
maybe it's because I'm Puerto Rican
and Vicks is equivalent with the Windex of the Greeks
but it truly is an elixir, a cure all, 
a mystical gel cream wonder-doer potion
some may say an even godly gift
my only suggestion it to throw out the safety label
forget that it says "do not put in nostrils"
you should, it is the cure to any runny nose
as my roommate found out yesterday as she was
attacked with fingers coated in the otherworldly substance
it truly
burns so good
not only for illness, Vicks can help cure unattractive growths
put some on pimples,
I learned that from my mom
zip, zap, zoom and they are gone
it helps with muscle aches 
and all that other good stuff
this is an obvious attempt to get in touch with my roots
while escaping sickness
lets call this "cultural procrastination"
but really, most of all,
the smell of Vicks makes me miss my mom.

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