Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthdays & Saturdays [Things I Love]

So I've been MIA from Sleeping Venus
for the past week, because I've been in midtown
full time, everyday working for Paper Magazine
I can sum it up with: rotten flowers,
hunting for the perfect shade of chartreuse taffeta,
Excel, desperately trying to get Marc Jacob's assistant on the phone,
holding real life prison letters from Michael Alig (I die)
and wanting to have Pinkberry for lunch everyday with an empty wallet
oh, the life of an intern
but onto other things
like all the lovely things that happen on Saturdays and birthdays
and all the wonderful noms and sights
the things I love:

Good restaurants!
like Risoterria, where I went on my bday
(I'm 19, I'm nearly a dinosaur, even though 19 is one of those really liminal ages...)
it is on Bleecker Street,
which is easily becoming my new favorite place
not only did I get to have all my favorite foods on my birthday
(a momlet, ice cream, pizza)
but the pizza was brick oven,
mozzarella, asparagus, and white truffle oil
and white truffle oil just makes everything sexy
did I mention this restaurant gives you free one and a half feet long breadsticks,
yes, breadsticks,
I'm totally smitten with any place that gives free bread
anyhow, this pizza was mind blowingly delish
and I want it every single day, desperately

not just any candy though, my new obsession is grapefruit gummies
and my not so new obsession is basically anything from Economy Candy on Rivington
it's so authentic, and its one of the only places where I can find
vintage goodies
like Sixlets and Bottle Caps
its also one of the only candy places that doesn't feel gourmet & overpriced
so it makes me feel really nostalgic
I'm dying for a little lunchbox tin from there
so I can tote my peanut butter & jelly sandwich and my apple to work everyday in style

what's better than good restaurants and candy?
getting Thai takeout to eat at Tompkins
so romantic
since it was just impossible to squeeze in pad thai on my birthday
I had it the next day, and it was everything I wanted
a lunch special from Tara Thai on First Ave
a sunny day in the park
bull dogs with chubby paws
and lots of pup watching
why is it that lime tastes so good on pad thai?
it really gives it a depth of flavor
(everyday I consider going to culinary school instead of Vassar)
one day I'm going to own my own food joint
it will happen, even with a Sociology degree
and it will be made possible
by all the hours I spend watching the food networking and food joint hopping
I can't even tell you how many ways I know how to prepare pork loin
my fave recipe is for an herb crusted pork loin
but I'm a vegetarian....

I also love getting free ice water at Starbucks,
and it's even better when it belongs to someone else
sorry William, but this girl was so thirsty
thanks for helping a sista out

And it's totally awesome when streets in the city happen to look like Europe
I could sort of feel like I'm in Delft, or Harrlem
maybe even Tuscany, if I squint...and ignore all the cabs

Lastly, I gotta love Washington Square Park
street performers and the wonderful sounds of doo wop,
fleetingly beautiful sand art by Joe Mangrum (he is amazing),
botanical garden worthy flowers
eccentric couples
frolicking children,
and that refreshing fountain mist
are more than enough to keep me smiling all summer long.

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  1. I used to be one of those children who frolicked in her bathingsuit at washington square since as u know i grew up a soho kid. =)


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