Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo Diary

Today was a best day
a long walk, famous gelato
from Cones on Bleecker
the hazelnut literally tastes like eating a Ferrero Rocher chocolate
and the white chocolate just blew my mind
it was expensive,
but oh so worth it to sit on a random stoop
with the 8 dollar cone dripping on my skirt
as I tried to get every last bit of white chocolate deliciousness

I also had my first slice of real (nonvegan) New York pizza since being home (nomlicious)

there was also an impromptu dance parade on St. Marks

and an unexpected street fair
(that was sadly all out of my fave Thai springrolls)

and lots of other beautiful sights

I don't think there is much that's better than cradling dumplings & beautiful architecture.


  1. omg i'm going to go check out that place cones monday. white chocolate ice cream!? what a dream :D

  2. i tried that white chocolate ice cream waffle cone and oh my god it was heaven! worth the eight bucks <3


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