Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mini Eats.

Just for anyone who has ever wondered
"can you buy just one munchkin?"
like i have wondered on many occasions,
I have an answer for you: yes!
and they are just 25 cents each
sure, you'll probably get a weird look from the cashier
but who are they to pass judgement,
some people like their food mini
and yessir, I had a chocolate one, and a glazed one
on the M9 yesterday
twas great, although they were out of jelly
which is truly unfair
no one ever likes the jelly ones
but they are just so divine,
sure the jelly tastes a tad bit artificial,
with a hint of that cherry medicine taste
that brings you back to the ear infections and throat aches of childhood,
but hey, I love em
and next time I pass a Dunkin Donuts
(tomorrow) I will treat myself to one (or two, maybe four) small sphere(s) of joy
speaking of small, doughy creations
I had the best garlic knots of my life the other day
and let me tell you, Poughkeepsie garlic knots do not compare
I got them in Queens, Jackson Heights, believe it or not
they were luscious, oversized, and coated in olive oil
and were even better once I sprinkled parmesan cheese all over em
like little Italian biscuits, gotta love the marinara on the side
best thing about these? they were only a dollar
dollar garlic knots, munchkins
this is eating mini, on a budget
being broke at home isn't so bad after all.


  1. Haha...never knew you could buy them solo. I'm gonna try it tomorrow...although I don't do well with being judged. (probably shouldn't have a blog). If you had to pick one, munchkins or garlic knots...which do you choose? Something to ponder...

  2. ahhh you should deff get some :]
    and I would definitely pick garlic knots
    anything garlicky I love
    that sounds sort of gross,
    but its so true ! :]


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