Friday, May 21, 2010

Beauty All Around.

The other night
I woke up at 5:04 in the morning to readjust my blanket
and I caught a glimpse of the sky
and it was just gorgeous
it looked like watercolor
so I did what anyone else would out my camera and took some pictures
before I dozed off again
it reminded me of how much I love being home
I know I say it every single day
but to see the sky when I open my eyes every morning
just makes every day so much better
there's just beauty everywhere here, I'm never ever moving away

I mean, where else can you buy mini cupcakes right on the street
(at the Little Cupcake Lover Cart on Broadway, I recommend these noms)
it was like the size of my thumb and the frosting was so great
and the sprinkles were like technicolor
I must try the strawberry tiny delight
I'm so obsessed with mini noms

and eat vegetarian shrimp & southern fried chicken, all in a 4 block radius
even though it was so hot out today, I can't even imagine what 95 degrees feels like
I needed to have one nice stroll around Soho
before ascending into the whirlwind of being a full time intern.

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