Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fruit, Finals, & Frustrations

So, it's study week for finals
and I'm pleasantly overwhelmed
overwhelmed to the point
where I'm on my sixth hour
of sitting in the Deec writing my Hemingway paper
it hurts
just 2 finals, one paper, and 120 more Art History flash cards to memorize
oh, and a Dada collage, great
I bought some used books for my English class this semester
and I don't think I will ever do that again
because you wind up with a book
that someone has decided to permanently scar,
with pen, and odd insights
like on page 36 of my The Sun Also Rises
the person who had it before me
felt it necessary to look up all the French slang and cultural allusions
and now I can always know, since its forever there in blue pen
that Zizi is "French slang for peepee", wonderful insight
I'm trying to relish in academia,
and she taints it with the word peepee, come on

on a better note, the other day
the Deec had real live fresh fruit
not your normal apples and bananas kids,
pineapple! and strawberries!
I was the loon with the two plates of pineapples
and nearly all of the strawberries
I was also the loon who turned into a thief
and stole a bowl of fruit so I can have some happiness in
my dark, dusty room
being bad feels so good sometimes
especially when you can eat a nice big slice of pineapple before going to bed
nom, and everyone knows I'm dangerous around strawberries
so no more must be said about them
om nom nom fruit

Also, I have a large bug to pick with Raymond Ave (the block right outside of Vassar)
there is absolutely no place to get an ice cream cone
a real life, sugar cone
gosh, it's a simple request
but I'm so over wafer cones
they taste like Catholic communion
and I don't want my ice cream to taste like church
so instead I got an italian ice from the pizza place
it was the next best thing
its not the same as home
where you get an icee from the same Puerto Rican man on Delancey
who you've been buying from since you were little
man, do I miss home
but this icee was delish
it tasted like a scoop of childhood
now only if I could have a slice of childhood: a slice of Elio's pizza
you know, the microwaveable kind
that was always on sale when I was younger
and I would put it into the toaster oven
and wait wait wait
then cut it into little cubes
and nom nom nom
I can't wait to go home
I have five more days till I'm free
then its 3 months of shopping, puppy time, Coney Island
oh, and mom-made omelets,
that's the best part.


  1. And you need to see your best friend =)

  2. your style is so cute!
    love your nails too :) lovely blog!


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