Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paper Summer

The other day I was just a girl
walking around the Meat Packing District
resumes in hand, looking for a hostess job,
or god forbid, another retail job
when I saw this Vespa
and it was beautiful, I looked at it and felt instantly transported to Miami
I mean, cmon, look at that palm tree and those aloof outdoor diners
it screams Miami
the sad thing is, that I had to snap a shot of this beautiful, shiny, bubblegum baby
while the owner was standing right behind it, about to board,
with apparent admiration, spiked with envy,
I dream of this Vespa
I also dreamed of not having to scour the city looking for a summer job,
that dream came true
I am now Paper Magazine's newest intern
I'm pretty much speechless
I've been seeing a lot of monarch butterflies lately,
and whenever I see them something good always follows
there were a lot of monarchs around before my first kiss
way back when,
thank god for butterflies, and amazing opportunities.

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