Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Daily Cone

I think I need to start documenting
my obsessive, unhealthy, insane love affair with ice cream cones
so I am going to photograph every cone I have this summer
and it will be epic (for me at least)
because I was so deprived at school
and now I am free to love & eat
today I had a cone at home
nom nom banana split Turkey Hill froyo
and I ate it while watching Spongebob, so taking a picture slipped my mind
it's tricolor, banana with fudge swirl, chocolate with walnuts, and strawberries
best thing? it was on sale at Fine Fare for $3.24
I love cheap noms.

Carvel cake mix, with neon confetti in it, um this is one of the creamiest & best
gotta love the patriotic cone hugger

Pistachio almond
gotta love the matching nails
and my love of all things seafoam
since I was sitting in the window,
I got to see all the passerbys and their utter envy,
for I had an ice cream cone and they did not
the other day my uncle expressed his concern
about my vegetarianism and how I might not be getting
enough calcium & vitamin D
which may just mean I have to eat more ice cream
and if ice cream has vitamin D in it,
then it is like eating sunshine,
which totally explains why it makes me so happy.

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