Monday, May 3, 2010

Formula for the Perfect Day

At Vassar, the Leprechaun bus is the quintessential symbol of escapism
the mall, the train station, Stop & Shop
are the basic adventures that Leprechaun will make possible
and most of the time, that's just fine with me
because I usually just get my kicks from food shopping and browsing at H&M
but on Saturday, the Leprechaun bus came in jumbo size
with TVs that broadcasted Zoolander to take me to Six Flags
and so my perfect day began:

One super sized Leprechaun (or any available charter bus)
minus Vassar

plus awesome roller coasters

I love roller coasters almost more than anything else
a bit less than I love ice cream
but thats a whole lotta love
the more apprehensive I am to put my hands up,
the steeper the drops,
and the more terror involved
the better
what can I say? I'm just a simple thrill seeker
and that's why I love wooden roller coasters
they are the best because every second you feel like
some bolts and screws are going to loosen
and crash the little cart will go

plus Cookies & Cream Dippin Dots

I've said this a thousand times
but Dippin Dots are just to delish
and love them
over and over again forever
om nom nom
I told the girl working in the little Dippin Dots booth
that she had my dream job
and because it was 90 degrees
and she was wearing long khakis and a neon yellow polo
whilst working in a small box
she must have thought I was mocking her
I wasn't
plus Johnny Rockets onion rings

which are definitely the best I've ever had
especially because they come with ranch dipping sauce
and extra crunch
and they are never especially fat, gross slices of onions
at Six Flags the ranch came in packets and not in a small plastic cup
and at first I was disappointed
but! I realized they had many other condiments available
and I seriously love condiments
I literally had a condiment buffet with a side of onion rings
ranch, honey mustard, barbeque, sweet&sour
it was blissful

plus a large watermelon icee
which really speaks for itself
when its 90 degrees outside
and you've been waiting on lines for hours
plus a sweet dinner at an outdoor table
at Babycakes, its the best thing to eat outside at night
and let me tell you, the lemon thyme vinaigrette on some baby greens
is out of this world

and lastly, add Tom Poppa & The Marriage Ref
Tom Poppa has great suits, and an annoying laugh
its always funny to watch couples arguing about country line dancing,
not having enough sex, and odd home furnishings
plus, he does a great puppy impression

and that all equals a best day, and a very happy me.


  1. I need a water park and some dippin dots in my life this summer are u going to provide those things

  2. hahaha yes these things will be provided! I can't wait

  3. shweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!


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