Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prisoners Love Pastries Too.

In the library basement
I feel quite queer,
almost like a prisoner because I'm underground
and the windows are way above my head
and I can only see the clouds
moving really slowly across the sky behind some tree branches,
no buildings, no sidewalks, nothing in sight
just the ugly foliage print on the library carpet, 
and the steam rising from my tea
I'm trying to load up on brain food
like peppermint tea, almonds, and chocolate raspberry truffles
the truffles I deemed brain food by my own scientific study
so eat up all the raspberry flavored chocolate you want
and I bet you'll have the will to finish any paper
I gave up pastries for Lent
but I'm not really religious
I just like giving stuff up for Lent,
something must be empowering about the sense of communal sacrifice or something
who knows, 
either which way I died in Stop & Shop yesterday in the
Yesterday's Baked Goods section:
a small slice of heaven
what's better than sweets and a sale?
nothing besides a sweet sale on shoes
but the low priced chocolate cakes, raspberry danishes, sweet bread, lady fingers, and 
other nomlicious treats were off limits for me
even though I could have bought an entire birthday cake
complete with sprinkles for just $2.98
I settled for some 100 calorie packs of chocolate covered pretzels,
mixed berry english muffins (sent from heaven, sadly they are seasonal), and strawberries
but I still cannot get those cheap treats out of my head
so here is my little homage to all things buttery, sugary, floury and delish that my
poor little heart is craving in the prison of the library

Yes folks, a chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserve filling
this is my ideal dessert, dainty & dangerous
I'm nuts for anything raspberry
its my anti-drug

Thumbprint cookies,
two words: I DIE
these happen to be a Christmas tradition in my family
I always get a small tin of them from my uncle & aunt, better than a typical gift any day

white chocolate raspberry cheesecake
this is the most romantic dessert I could ever think of
Lent is so anti-romance

oh little luscious berries, you are quite tart and bumpy naturally
but you produce the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
cupcakes, chocolates and other sweet treats of my life
thanks for making everything more nom
for now, in my new life free from pastries
I'll just have to settle on saltines
one cracker with a touch of peanut butter, the other with a glop of jelly
a little bit of vanilla fro-yo in the middle
and I almost feel like I'm eating a cookie sandwich(from Milk&Cookies in the West Village)
I must be delusional.

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