Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Snow,

Dear Snow/Sleet/Rain/Ice Pellets,
The strongest bond that exists in this world
besides that of a mother and her daughter, 
is that of a girl and her shoes
and I never thought that something could tear us so far apart
so here I am in Russian Lit, 
not listening to the biography of Kafka, 
because my socks are wet and I'm wearing too many sweaters
so please stop covering me with 
mutant snowflakes the size of donuts
I just want to wear a floral print dress again, 
maybe a tutu of sorts,
and booties, lots of beautiful booties, and my velvet shoes
is that too much to ask?
oh, also I would like the omelet station to be always open,
but I'm not sure you can handle that request
just please, move over, maybe to the Midwest because
I'm beginning to forget what fashion is.

This is literally how I feel.

Sadly yours,

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