Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Summer,

Dear Summer,
You tastes like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
that have been sitting in your bag for too long, 
under the pressure of grapes, peaches and frozen water bottles
(because they are great beach food)
after sitting under the hot sun the jelly starts to soak through the white bread
and you can see the 
purplish squishy parts
just saturated with grape jam, or strawberry preserves
and then you take the sandwich out because you're starving
unwrapping it from its aluminum foil, 
(making sure to scoop out all the jelly that oozed out)
making sure not to let it blow away in the ocean breeze
I don't know if you can call the wind at Coney Island an "ocean breeze"
it sounds far too romantic, but oh well
its more like a violent wind, that sends beach umbrellas tumbling through the sand
attacking napping beach bums and unsuspecting tanners
then you bite into your pb& j (heavy on the j)
as the wind is blowing the umbrella, it also blows the sand 
some of the grains getting stuck in
the sticky mess of your sandwich
making your bites that much more fulfilling
as you watch the umbrella owner chase it 
the rainbow, maybe palm tree printed umbrella 
causing chaos on the beach 
me? I'm anti-beach umbrella
pro tanning oil & pb&j
so summer please come soon,
I'll be waiting patiently for you
in my snow boots, in Poughkeepsie, not eating peanut butter & jelly
I'm saving myself for you.


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