Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ramblings from Russian Lit

Every Tuesday is a blizzard
and I'm craving a mixed berry English muffin
7 o'clock PM is too late to discuss the Mad Tea Party
and venturing through the looking glass
but if I were at a mad tea party
I could definitely have an English muffin
slathered with butter, a perpetual tea party with  white chocolate raspberry scones, and lemon tea
a mad tea party is looking pretty good right now, 
when all that awaits me is the my late night fate at the library
Tuesday is my new least favorite day of the week
cold mornings, wet socks,mushy bananas and Cheerio's for breakfast
having Cheerio's is a real disappointment when you're expecting Corn Flakes
for Corn Flakes is the best cereal ever, and Cheerio's just tastes like toddler food
lingusitics, romanticism, relativism, all these terms
 are swirling over my head
like the snow has been all day
in still, calm white sheets
ironically causing dangerous ice avalanches off of the sad, washed out dorms:
pending concussions, comas
I hate the snow
because I just want some strawberries, (maybe I'll settle for some some saltines with raspberry jam)
                           not Russian literature class
where everyone is staring at their laptops screens 
with glazed over looks
looking at pictures of spotted newts, playing tetris and browsing clothes on Walmart.com (literally)
maybe they're thinking about strawberries too. 

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