Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I bought a new luggage set
in preparation for Spring Break
although its still winter, and when I get to the city there
will be about 20 inches of dirty grey snow
home is going to be so sweet
mainly because my mom bought herself a wok last week
the amazingness that it will bring does not have to be explained
two words, LO MEIN.

Things I'm Looking Forward to (In Haiku):

parmesan, piled on
long line, thick crust, cheesy bliss
Artichoke Pizza

oh sweet couch! cradle
me in your cushions, Spongebob 
reruns, pretty please

mopping the floors, and
blasting merengue, I can
see my mom dancing

grimy, rats on the tracks
better than watching squirrels
hop through Vassar grass
Spanish coffee, sits
in my Hello Kitty mug
  by a warm omelet 

I can see all the 
colors of the city right 
from Avenue A.

6 days more wretched days
and them I'm home free
armed with my Metrocard, and a dream.

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