Monday, February 1, 2010

Nostalgia '98

I'm chewing some Bubblicious gum 
the big pink wad is filling my entire mouth with artificial strawberry flavor
I really wanted to buy the classic bubblegum 
but the store didn't have any
but either which way, without the super sweet, wistful taste 
of old school bubblegum in my mouth
I'm feeling pretty nostalgic today
as I usually am, which I guess goes along with being in college
and watching everyone slowly building up to the real world, whatever that is
when I think about school, and graduating with an art history,
 possibly sociology degree
I have mini nightmares 
of being 28 and still being an intern
by then I'd have a sad blog titled "The Life and Times of the Perpetual Intern"
I'd sit in my cramped studio apartment struggling to balance my checkbook,
fit everything into my small closet, and keep it together,
eating leftover pizza (I wouldn't mind that)
wondering when I should do laundry, and how long I could go 
without paying my cable bill
before the company rips away my super old school marathons of
 Everybody Loves Raymond
I'll be so far away from the days when Juicy Fruit & Big Red
were a quarter and the most popular types of gum
the days when my mom would give me a dollar to spend at the corner candy store 
right before I went into elementary school to mumble the pledge 
and begin beating up all the boys in my twisted sense of flirting
I would have my dollar, probably in 4 quarters
and I would buy an ice cream sandwich- 25 cents
a bag of Doritos - 25 cents
2 of the large individually packed Swedish fish (nommmm)-10 cents
2 Airheads (one blue, one red)- 30 cents
and still have enough money to buy a couple of Cry Babies or Warheads
gosh, Warheads are so nauseatingly sour, but as a kid I loved the challenge
of holding one in my mouth until I couldn't breathe from the sourness
until I spit it out 
only to try once again
I would eat the ice cream sandwich slowly, so the chocolate 
could stick onto my fingers, leaving me with a treat
even after the little sandwich had been devoured by my newly forming adult teeth
the candy store was the mecca, followed by the school yard
where violent games of cops & robbers ruled, as did 
flared jeans, skinned knees, platform sneakers, and lopsided bangs
now the library rules, gone are the days of sitting in circles
playing duck, duck goose, spelling tests, and yearning to be 
Student of the Month
now I'm just yearning to finish my readings on Marxism
so I'm just going to sit here in the library, 
chewing my gum (which cost nearly 2 bucks)
blowing bubbles and trying to hold onto that that feeling of power,
as I chased someone down in the yard
or finally learned how to do long division or write in cursive,
hoping I don't grow up too fast.

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