Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes & Happiness at Julie's

There are few things as classic
as a breakfast of fluffy, sumptuous
simply delicious blueberry pancakes
I had been craving these puppies ever since I saw 
Bobby Flay's blueberry pancake Throwdown with 
Clinton St. Baking Company
although it's right by my house
I've never been
and I departed from the 
LES to the big PK without even coming close to tasting their 
famous blueberry pancakes slathered in 
maple butter
I love Bobby Flay more than most 

and watching him compete makes my cravings run wild
so for weeks I've been thinking about 
blueberry pancakes
and sitting down to a bright shining plate of beautiful golden discs
littered with violet blueberries
and glistening maple syrup
you know, just like mom would make
so today I had one of my first culinary pleasures at a diner in the big PK,
something I thought would never happen to me in this sad little town
thank god it did, I start to forget what good food tastes like, 
seeing as the only thing I ever eat are 
egg white omelets
it's a sad fate
but the omelets are the safest and freshest choice 
(does anyone else think omelet doesn't even look like an English word?)
maybe it's just me...from eating too many
anyhow, I went to Julie's Restaurant
a cute little joint with homey wood paneling
a grandma (or yaya) in a great floral print sweater
working alongside her son & daughter
can that get more classic?
I felt like I was on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives
if only Guy Fieri was there, he's my other favorite
these Food Network men live the good life
I'd like to marry one of them
getting back on track,
we ordered blueberry pancakes & a Vassar wrap
the name is not worthy of the amazing food concoction I received
the pancakes were juicy, fluffy, and bursting with blueberries
topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, 
so I knew I was actually in heaven
I sipped my huge glass of orange juice and smiled blissfully
seriously, I felt like I was living the high life
I didn't have any fancy maple butter,
but I had a cute little pitcher given to me
by a real grandma, so I knew it was full of love
that beats maple butter any day in my book
and the wrap was full of broccoli, mushrooms, & swiss
in the best, most sturdy and tightly wrapped
special tortilla ever
for some reason Vassar never serves broccoli
so it was a real treat to once again taste my favorite vegetable
as I expressed my thanks & elation to the waiter
after my craving had been satisfied
in response to conversation about all the good restaurants in the city
our waiter said 
"yea, but there is nothing like momma's cooking, and I get to have that everyday"
that broke my heart, because I miss my mom
but Julie could be my surrogate any day, who knows
maybe she'd even let me borrow some floral print.

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  1. bobby flay rocks! i was supposed to visit one of my dearest friends in jersey city this past year, but that didn't happen - but if it did, one of our restaurant stops in nyc is mesa grill, which is owned by bobby. i don't care looking like a tourist, but if he's there, i'd be happy to take out my camera and ask for a photo op with him! ha ha


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