Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to School Blues & Haikus

It's been a while, 
so I'm promising 
consistent updates 
I've just been struck with the blues ever since the car ride back up to PK 
on that fateful day of 
Martin Luther King
I'm back to le old grind
a life of 50 page long packets of art history reading, 
modernist poetry, absurdist Russian lit, and
dim lecture halls
oh how I long to be home
where alarms don't ring, and I have every TV channel at my fingertips,
along with the best pup ever (for prime time cuddling)
here, there's no DVR, but more importantly no Oxygen
rendering me without the weekly pleasure of watching chaos erupt in the
Bad Girls house,
 which was my first woe of last night
I haven't been able 
to sleep lately, 
I think it's because of the different sights & sounds
I got so used to laying in my bed at night, 
and being able to 
see the stars out of my window without even 
getting up
now when I look out from beneath my covers I see the irritatingly insistent
small, green flashing light on the fire alarm
I toss and turn at night and its fast blinking just teases me
so now I'm an apparent insomniac
afflicted by late night screaming on the quad,
a far departure from the hum and rumble of the J,M,Z trains 
as they traveled across the Williamsburg bridge
oh, what a lullaby
I'm in the haiku writing mood today,
inspired by a haiku I wrote about my roommate's nightmarish travel experience
on her way from Minnesota to PK
a trip that can be summarized in starvation (4 chicken nuggets), 
multiple flight cancellations, brooding in Detroit, lost baggage, sick passengers, 
and finally
deaf need for further explanation
think signing whilst doing CPR
basically, the trip was a plain catastrophe, 
poor roomie I dedicate my haikus to you

deaf paramedics
sirens and lights flashing
wheel chair malfunctions

I dreamt last night, of
sitting in a yellow bath
no qualms, just smiles

personal pizza
give me caprese, basil
personal heaven

Dear Dostoevsky,
How can I tell if I'm an 
underground woman?

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