Friday, January 15, 2010

The Unfortunate Mishaps of My Winter Break Pt.1

I feel happy enough after discovering Polyvore
and being able to technically shop and put together outfits without spending any cash
that I'm about ready to relive all the unfortunate things 
that happened to me over the last couple of weeks
most which ended in paranoia & tears
I usually have the most unbelievable good luck
winning contests, finding money in H&M right when I wanted to buy a new skirt etc etc
so my turn of luck was a real surprise to me
and it all started on that ill fated day I was wearing my lucky underwear 
and broke my favorite booties
I just got them fixed yesterday, and I didn't even feel any better
my bad luck was just amplified over winter break
all starting a couple of weeks ago on my way to ice skate

I was so pumped,pumped for a day of free ice skating 
at Bryant Parkand trying a new Jamba light smoothie,the Berry Fulfilling one
too bad it didn't have a name associated with Buddhism
like Strawberry Nirvana & Mango Mantra
especially when I have been collecting such good karma,
like finding a kid's cell phone on St. Marks & 
calling his mom and going to his school to return it
he was a 6th grader, that really touched my heart
I held his shiny new Nokia in my hand and 
I was on a mission to restore happiness to his young heart
for I remembered when I was in the 6th grade and I got my first cell phone
a pretty decent silver LG flip phone
all black and white, no camera, nothing special
I still had the nicest phone of all my friends anyhow, I was successful in returning the phone
and it warmed my heart when the boy's mother fervently asked God to bless me
so I felt great, like a good Samaritan full of good deeds and oncoming good luck
so to my suprise & sadness as I stood in the 14th St. station waiting for
my beloved F train, peering into the dark tunnel for any sign of an oncoming train
it seemed like the perfect photo op
so I swiftly took out my camera and stepped back from
the scary edge of the platform
oddly my memory card was full
although I had just deleted all the pictures off of it 
curious I opened my camera, stepped back from the edge of the platform and 
pressed the memory card so that it would pop out a bit and I could grab it
yet, to my surprise the memory card not only popped out...
but literally jumped out of the camera and hopped right into the subway tracks
then a rat came by, and I just hoped it would pick up my memory card and gnaw at it 
so I could just really cry
I still went uptown, after waiting around for an MIA MTA employee to find my card
yea right, that was never going to happen
then in Jamba Juice they served me hard oatmeal
I refused to go ice skating for fear I would fall and someone would roll over each one of my small fingers 
with the shiny blade of their skate, 
resulting in a bloody rink and a maimed me.


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