Saturday, January 2, 2010


So, after literally shedding tears over the demise of Penny Licks
it was really hard for me to summons up 
the strength to get dressed, curl my hair, and leave my house
but boy, was it worth it
after crying and lamenting about my vegan cookie dough ice cream
nothing seemed right,
I swear it is because I have a Vitamin D deficiency
all the days of playing N64 & Wii and watching hours of Spongebob
[my dream vacation]
got to me, and I really needed some sunlight
for some serious depression [or maybe shopping withdrawal]
was setting in, I even began looking for food sources of Vitamin D
most of which I cant eat (cod liver oil)
or don't have (swiss cheese)
I'm beginning to feel like I've become a hypochondriac 
that's dangerous
seeing as I have WedMD in my bookmarks bar
it's always something with me, 
something that can usually be cured with some sort of retail therapy
if only doctors knew the secret to good health...
there would be no more prescriptions of medication
just gift cards
everyone would be healthy
I swear, I could cure sickness with this idea
oh, you have a cold?
go spend this $25 dollar gift card at Forever 
oh, a fever and chills?
$50 bucks at Urban should have you feeling brand new
I don't really know how much one would give for terminal illnesses
thats blurry territory...I'm not even gonna go there
just common illnesses
after the tears, and a breakdown about my lack of boots
I ventured out to fill up on Vitamin D with a side of 50 mph winds
and I ended up in Steve Madden
where I fell in love & scored
all my life's problems faded away when I felt the 
knee high platform beauties on my feet
Thank you doctor
I followed that beautiful experience with Jamba Juice
my first ever
my Strawberry Nirvana Smoothie filled my tummy with
happy bubbles and sparkling flavor
that smoothie would cure anything just as good as penicillin
I felt enlightened
for a second I was a true Bodhisattva
and then, as I slurped my smoothie
the Spice Girls came on
Spice Up Your Life to be exact
so I bopped & grooved
and thought 
"It's my lucky day, they are playing the Spice Girls in Jamba Juice"
ahhhh, this feels like redemption.

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