Friday, January 29, 2010

My Heart Belongs to Holden Caulfield

So, J.D. Salinger died 
which actually makes me a bit scared
because Howard Zinn also died
I cannot even count the hours 
I spent learning the
real people's history of the United States 
in his psuedo company
or how many times Holden Caulfield
 made me giggle and 
fall in love in love with him
a tad more with each page I turned in 
Catcher in the Rye
he was so damn charming, I wish he was real
he got me through lonely, hot days at work (bleak times)
I guess he is my ultimate literary crush 
so misanthropic and angsty, as jaded as a guy that young could be
oh, what a boy
a great, great boy...
Michael Jackson died,
Anna Nicole Smith (who I really loved)
Brittany Murphy
and now Heidi Montag has a new face,
the times are really changing
it feels so weird 
gosh, I feel like I'm in the Netherlands in the 17th century
for the first time realizing how temporary and transient everything is
maybe I've been looking at too many Baroque paintings
it's all I Google nowadays
when I should be doing the ten thousand pages of readings I have
Gogol, Marx, Pound...these men are ruling my life
and I just want to sit here, slurping my raspberry iced coffee, 
biting on the straw
and who knows,
maybe Holden will saunter in, wearing a pea coat and plaid scarf
and he'll sit down and complain, huffing and puffing, about all the phonies 
in this here coffee shop,
then maybe he'd ask for my number
and we can go out for a drink
I don't even drink, 
but for Holden I sure would,
maybe I could be that girl that would just knock him out.

"Anyway, I'm sort of glad they've got the atomic bomb invented.  If there's ever another war, I'm going to sit right the hell on top of it.  I'll volunteer for it, I swear to God I will."  ~Holden (J.D. Salinger)

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  1. this was amazing. if i could drink coffee with holden i'd be ok with dying.


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