Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wishing for Spring

Today when I woke up
it was 10 degrees, 
10 sad, sad degrees
so I was forced to wear my boyfriend's itchy gray cardigan
I shouldn't complain
since I quite like it,
minus the prickly feeling it gives me on my tummy,
but the quad looked like the tundra today 
and my hat flattens my bangs down
so they jut out 
over my eyes;
I just found an eyelash on my keyboard
a real eyelash, surprisingly not covered in any mascara
I never wish on the mascara covered ones
they just don't seem pure enough to be lucky
to have that wish granting power, you know?
anyhow, this eyelash that I just blew off the tip of my finger 
made me feel a bit better about the weather
if it was a realistic wish, I would have wished for spring
for spring to come right now
so I could wake up, look out my window at the bright green grass
and whip out those open toe shoes once again
for they have been collecting dust in their boxes
I can't wait for spring to finally arrive
so I can eat strawberries
in every way, because I realized that I truly take them for granted
seeing as I haven't had them in months
I'll eat them covered in chocolate and cake icing,
sliced up in my Honey Bunches of Oats in the morning
in their natural state still dewy from being washed as I do my Sociology readings
chopped up in a fruit medley
the possibilities are endless
fruit salad sounds so nice to me right now
just the way my mom used to make it when I was young
sliced apples, crisp
bright green kiwi rounds and sweet pear bit hiding behind juicy orange slices
I'd like to fix myself a bowl of fruit salad
and sit out in the grass and attempt to read
I'd probably spend most of my time brushing the ants off my legs
nevertheless I'd be happy
if spring would just come a bit quicker.

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