Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Wishlist

This is what I want for Valentine's day
right from Veniero's, delivered to my dorm preferably
I know this is a fantasy, but a girl can dream big
there's almost nothing I love more than rainbow cookies
its hard to tell which I would prefer,
a box of rainbow cookies, or shoes
I'm so tempted to say rainbow cookies
I'd also like  big box of jell rings to savor myself
because when I think about it, there are more gross chocolates in
your cliche heart shaped box than there are delicious ones:
the delicious ones being the little morsels filled with
strawberry, coconut and maybe toffee, raspberry if I'm lucky
at least with jell rings I know every one is delish
the first time I had jell rings was on Union Square
and that day was truly enlightening
a woman would sell candy outside of the clinic
for a dollar a baggie,
5 jelly rings rested in that baggie with a little red twist tie
waiting to marry with my mouth
as I waited to see my pediatrician,
making doctor's visits almost enjoyable
one year for my birthday 
I banished the notion of traditional birthday cake
in favor or a jell ring and rainbow cookie structure,
need I say best birthday ever?

Finally, I'd like to conclude my Valentine's day sweetness extravaganza
with a box of Cella's chocolate covered cherries
each little bite sending a stream of syrupy, juicy goodness out of the chocolate structure
the best thing is to slowly unwrap the pretty red foil,
to bite the flat bottom off, slurp out all the syrup, 
then eat the cherry in the little chocolate cup left over
so dainty, so succulent, and simply nommm
thinking of all these scrumptious treats after a boring dinner of snap peas
just proves to me that
dates are fun, dinner is romantic,
love is great, but candy is better.

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  1. Those cookies look delish! Thanks for following my little blog. :)


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