Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Pajama Jeans Sighting

Ok so there isn't much time,
seeing as I'm imprisoned again
cranking out essays
being exploited and worn down by rote memorization for Art History
I could literally tell you the date of every Rembrandt painting
in my sleep, in the shower I'll be washing my hair
thinking of Frans Hals portraits, reciting dates, 1614, 1664, 1609 on repeat 
like the Shwayze songs on my Itunes
I feel so oppressed
unable to fully enjoy menial activities like 
brushing my teeth, or slicing strawberries for my cereal
on another note, my real purpose for writing
was to share that I legit saw someone wearing pajama jeans today
yes, pajama jeans, those comfy psuedo denim leggings for those over 40
and those with no dignity 
[except I think my roommate could so rock a pair, but only she would be allowed to]
oh pajama jeans, providers of endless ridicule
in my opinion, you should have no place on a college campus,
but then again, neither should corduroy booty shorts,
[a true conundrum, blending winter with summer, something I never understood]
or full length red velvet coats, 
but god help me, I've seen that here too.

From the abyss,

Enjoy the Pajama Jeans ad [It's a whole outfit!]

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