Friday, March 26, 2010

Back from my Hiatus: Inspirations

Spring Break is over
the city was an oasis for the last two weeks
which explains my blogging hiatus
the 6 hour walks from my house to
Union Square, to Soho and the West Village
and back again sort of wore me out
seeing as the most exercise I get at Vassar
is walking to the Deec, or maybe to the Krafted Cup
to fill up on coffee, it's just plain sad
anyhow, I'm back home
I just couldn't resist, break did end a mere 4 days ago
but it still feels so good to be sitting at the kitchen table
eating a bowl of Pops (yummers)
anyone else wonder why the cereal bag for Pops is silver?
I must solve this mystery
I must also report that my Lent promise is over
because my mom baked a pistachio cake some time ago
with yellow cake mix, a pack of pistachio pudding
and topped it with confectioner's sugar
my life was amazing when I ate those
2 and a half slices of cake
and was still good when the immense stomach ache set in
but now, I'm being a good girl
waiting for my mom to make me some fruit salad
(if only I had some kiwis)
anyhow, since I'm home I'm feeling the love and even though
spring was just torn away from me
(today was 37 degrees) and I was wearing shiny leggings
that absorb the cold and make me just about feel
worse than being naked in a snowstorm
oh, and open toe cage shoes
after the walk my little toes were numb
and I suffered all the way down Houston
boo at this cold front!
speaking of Houston
one beautiful day over Spring Break
I was probably on my way to get
mocha blackberry swirl no sugar ice cream
from Dunkin Donuts (my new ultimate ice cream obsession, which is probably a lie,
seeing as I'm also obsessed with Love Potion #31
which seems to have been discontinued,
and Bananas Foster & Red Velvet Cake ice cream from Two Boots,
and Sinless Cake Batter from Coldstone,
and Turkey Hill Party Cake
basically I'm obsessed with any ice cream, so sad
and if you could not tell, I haven't had ice cream in a long time
and am suffering from a nasty bout of withdrawal, talk of vices over now)
so on Houston, I saw this:

and I thought it was quite funny
since god knows this model is not convincing me to
buy this sad sweater and boyfriend jeans combo
and this little inspirational, maybe aggressive
but inspirational all the same
put smile on my face
and reminded me that cake and ice cream
could benefit us all
the next day the message was gone
and I was surprised someone even bothered to change the picture
and was sort of angry at the censorship
until I saw this on Grand Street:

and I was elated to see people trying to spread the good
nutrition and literacy,
isn't that all we kids need nowadays?
with Snapple machines being taken out of schools
and bake sales being scaled down to just Poptarts and Doritos
this was just a beautiful message
but I was confused as to which came first
the sadly spelled "arrested" or the inspirational message
its a chicken and the egg conundrum
because they are both written in orange chalk
and how many people carry orange chalk around in their pockets?
to my dismay, it was removed the next day
just a plain shame, because after seeing this
I came home and read The Sound & The Fury
anyhow, these messages are what a
psalms book written by the Bad Girl's Club would be like
I'd buy it.

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