Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saltine Creation #1

For those Lent minded, unreligious people like me
who are suffering from not having sweets
or cookies, or brownies, or cake
like this beautiful raspberry mouse cheesecake and rainbow cookie gelato feast
I had on Valentine's Day (my heart dies when I see this picture)

I've got a creation
out of desperation I've turned to Saltines to keep me going
in an attempt to satisfy my insatiable love for desserts
or just because sometimes in college you have to make do with what you have
and there is always a constant supply of saltines by the mostly gross soups
I'm hoping to think up more creations like this one 
coming atcha from the wretched Deece (dining hall that is miserable)
presenting Peanut Butter & Jelly Fro-Yo Sandwiches!
with step by step instructions! (makes 2 servings)

apply jelly generously, for I love jelly
anyone else would probable have their own jar of jelly, while I have to scoop 
it out of a communal jelly tub, ew 

slather on peanut butter to your liking
I am not huge peanut butter fan unless its paired with a ton of jelly
so I used it sparingly

add froyo, or icecream if you are privileged enough to have it
I used chocolate because, although there are 3 dispenser nozzles, 
they were all filled with chocolate and were unlabeled
no vanilla for me, boo
but chocolate was really nommy too
add the icecream/froyo to the peanut butter side of the sandwich

top the froyo with the jelly covered cracker, making sure not to let the froyo escape
and enjoy!
I swear they taste like cookies
but eating at a dining hall
may have altered my taste buds 
either which way its simple and yummy
and keeps me away from the dessert table

you can see the communal peanut butter tub in the background
the tubs with butter and jelly and peanut butter and cream cheese
always have crumbs in them
I think that's what weirds me out

what a perfect midterm snack.

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