Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Classics on a Gloomy Day

I'm sick,
like wake up at 3:14 am and walk to the bathroom to blow my nose
and get a drink of water because my throat hurts so much sick
like sleep with a roll of toilet paper and Vicks under my pillow
because I've lost all normal function in my nose sick,
it's not a pretty sight when coupled with the downpour
that has plagued Poughkeepsie for the last two days
but I've found joy in other things today
the Classics,
well, at least the classics as I know them
which obviously involve food and nostalgia
since that is essentially what I'm made of
today I had cornflakes for breakfast
good ol cornflakes, which I sliced a banana into
and it made my morning just a bit better
that and the fact that my sociology professor
played the "smooth mellow beats" of LL Cool J
while bopping along to the beat in class today and doing an
almost fist pump
it was a beautiful sight
anyhow, the cornflakes were so great because they are a classic
it was definitely the first cereal I ever had
ask any Hispanic about cornflakes,
and they'll share that intimate connection that I have
"ahhh yes" they will say "con-flay"
just the way my grandma would say
just the way their grandma would have said it
"con-flay", and from then on all cereal comes to be known as "con-flay"
Cocoa Pebbles?:"con-flay", Lucky Charms?: "con-flay",
Raisin Bran?:"con-flay"
don't get me wrong, I love Cocoa Pebbles as much as the next person,
probably more (since I'm obsessed with cereal)
but Corn Flakes reigns supreme, like the rooster says "original and best"
with two big spoons of sugar and small banana slices,
what great texture
I've moved on to bigger and better things
like 3 packets of Splenda in my cereal instead of real sugar
(also obsessed with Splenda, I consume about 6 packets a day)
but the Corn Flakes have stayed true to me, yummy, satisfying and classic
like Strawberry Shortcake ice cream pops
I was totally craving one today
the mix of those little crumbs, and the chemical pink ice cream enveloped by the vanilla
on the inside simply makes me smile like a little girl again
sadly, Vassar does not keep its ice cream machine well stocked (boo)
and I had to settle for what I thought was a classic ice cream pop
like this ^, with that hard chocolate shell and soft vanilla inside
that just reminds me of Astoria Park, rolling down hills, and climbing trees by the East River
but the ice cream machine failed me once more!
false advertising, I got a fudge pop instead,
no smooth chocolate shell, no mushy vanilla ice cream inside
I was defeated, eating it on my way back to my dorm
grumpily reflecting on the lack of vanilla in my life
when, alas! I found that the sad little fudge pop had a vanilla center!
and at that point I felt simply triumphant
I miss Flinstone push up pops
they were orange and purple, and simply delish
ah to return to the 90s
when the freezer was always stocked with various freeze pops and treats,
frozen pizzas and TV dinners with the brownie on the side
now all I have in my freezer is a frozen burrito and 3 dumplings, sad
it was always so hard to push that thin plastic handle up when it was still freshly open
it took patience, but was so worth it
then the orange would melt down the cardboard sides of the pop
and create sticky hands,
that reminds me of summer
sticky hands always made it easier to show off on the monkey bars
Push pops, jump ropes, jungle gyms, Razor scooters and climbing rocks
sounds so good right now in this late March chill
when all I can think about is declaring a major, and planning out the next four years of my life
with this background noise about Russian Futurism and Post-Futurism
all I know is that I'm living post-90s and I'm not liking it one bit.

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