Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Midnight Bedtime.

I find that in college it has become
increasingly hard
to get a decent amount of sleep
when the obscure art history and
Dada readings pile up
my poor roommate usually falls asleep in chemistry class
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
and has to drink caffeinated tea to stay awake
which makes her act worse than drunk
mint tea is like vodka for this girl
as she plows through her English readings
even though at one point in my life
I had to wake up in the early morning darkness
for zero period gym class that was at 7:30 am
(that was the bane of my existence)
who wants to do yoga that early in the morning?!
yes, downward dogs, baby cobras when the toothpaste taste
was still fresh on my tongue
and my eyes had not fully become accustomed to the light
it seems like we all find it difficult to wake up for our 9am classes
I guess its just harder to have to leave your room
and probably wander to the cold bathroom
to just sit in someone else's pee (yucks)
in the city I would have to actually commute
and sleepily take the subway instead of walking for 5 minutes to class
maybe the proximity of everything is not a luxury after all
alls I know is that a midnight bedtime is a blessing
even when some people are playing
aggressive house music
till the wee hours of the morning
and screaming on the quad
me and my roommate are old ladies
and like to catch our zzzs
a midnight bedtime is optimistic,
but what can I say, I'm a dreamer.

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