Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is What I Live For

This fateful Friday I finally got to leave Poughkeepsie
and it felt so good
midterms week was so oppressive
all I did was sit in various library cubicles
staring at the walls 
and listening to Robin Thicke to get me by
while my roommate overdosed on caffeine 
literally, she said her teeth were buzzing
which worries me a bit
but enough with that 
because Vassar seems like just a distant memory 
still covered in snow 
so for now I'll just pretend that I'll be in the city forever
not for just 2 more weeks
it's actually spring here
and I'm storing the snow boots
and my winter jacket away
hello leather jacket, 
sweet thing, how I've missed you
I traded in the library cubicle 
for the park benches at Tompkin's
watching pups in the dog run (and sane squirrels)
I saw the cutest bulldog
a chubby, scrumptious little thing
that looked like a roll of sugar cookie dough
pups help past the time when you're waiting 2 hours
to get a coveted seat in 
the Clinton Street Baking Company
for the best blueberry pancakes ever (more on that later)
so the wait was productive,
I finally got to take in my neighborhood(s)
while the sun was shining
perfect weather for an iced coffee
and a long walk
so here are some pictures I took
because one of the best things about the city 
is the street art, the graffiti, the murals

this is one of my favorite ever
an amalgamation of everything about the city that I love

the Lower East Side is the most beautiful place in the entire world
no matter what anyone says 
I'm a sucker for any tag in pink 

so long drab brick buildings of Vassar
I get so sick of staring out my window onto the quad
where everything looks the same
where nothing is colorful
where the extent of history isn't just some 
tall tales about Jane Fonda 
I just wish I could stay here forever
where there's a bodega on every corner
and a photo op on every block
and I don't have to wait for a shuttle to go to the supermarket
where the extent of my walk isn't to 
English class
where there are pigeons and buses
and different types of people (this is probably the most refreshing thing about being back)
for the next two weeks 
me and my leather jacket
are going to take on the world 
(because the Lower East Side is definitely the center of the world).


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  2. I love the combination between poetry and photo essay. I don't think I've ever seen anyone approach it quite like you did. Kudos to you for being unique.

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