Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twix Bars and Bus Stop Angels

One day I was standing on
14th street waiting for the 14A bus
it was probably following an after school
trip to Taco Bell (nom) & Forever
after sharing my quesadilla and
cheesy bean & rice burrito, I was still
craving something else
(if you can't tell, I'm so hungry right now,
I don't even remember what a burrito tastes like)
anyhow, my bus was just not coming
and the Avenue D buses continued to pass
1,2,3,4 D's and still no A's (my eternal strife)
in my frustration, I turned to my friends
and said "I really wish I had a Twix right now"
then I heard the voice of angel,
the woman standing next to me took
a cute, fun size Twix bar out of her purse
and handed it to me, she smiled
like all she wanted to do was gift Twix bars
to make teenage girls happy
I love that mystery woman
then my bus came,
and I sat in the back nomming my tiny Twix
eating the chocolate and caramel off first
then savoring the wafer
it was beautiful, and people think New Yorkers aren't nice
untrue is what I say,
most people in the city smile back
no one smiles back here,
or gives me Twix bars.

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  1. i remember you telling me this story


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