Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dreams Do Come True.

A couple of weeks ago
I had a dream that I was at the Retreat (other Vassar dining option)
and to my delight they were selling
Vanilla Soy Milk
and strawberries in little plastic cartons
and in my dream I was simply overjoyed
for I love cereal
and its nommier with strawberries and a lil vanilla goodness
this morning at the Retreat I saw a girl eating strawberries
out of a small plastic container
and I immediately ran over,
and alas! in the sad Passover cooler( that had previously housed
with odd, tragic looking concoctions like roasted beets
"Matzorella Lasagna", and "Matzorella Salad"
the word play was cute
but the food looked pitiable)
were small containers each containing 6 juicy strawberries
my heart leaped and jumped
and I let out a squeal of delight
at 2.99 the price is a ripoff
but its so worth it for something other than apples and oranges
I bought two and anxiously explained to the cashier lady
that my dreams were literally coming true
she thought I was a loon, obviously
but hey, I ate those strawberries on my hilltop
sprinkled with Splenda (as everything should be)
whilst soaking up the sun
bronze skin & strawberries,
hey a girl's gotta get her kicks somewhere.

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