Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today Was Beautiful.

Today was beautiful,
it was the type of day that you can only enjoy
by eating a pistachio cone from Ray's Candy Store
and watching the pups
at the Tompkin's Square dog run
the shih tzus, bull dogs
or sitting on a tire swing at the back of the park
spinning, rocking, catching the ice cream drippings
before they slip onto your fingers
or sitting on the small hill
eating a Chocolate, or even better, a banana crunch Entenmann's cake,
preferably without utensils
with a side of green grapes
there was even a sun shower,
and I wish I was on Avenue A to enjoy it
I would stand at the bus stop
under the glass canopy
and watch the slinky buses go by
and the boys on their skateboards
and the girls on their bikes with baskets
and people eating slices of pizza on the go
and I would be happy.

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